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This page is dedicated to all of you who want to know more about seaglass and to further educate the consumer about these frosty colorful gems of the sea, so grab yourself a hot cup of coffee, relax and read on...............


                                     BERMUDA SEAGLASS CAVE

Where can i find Seaglass?... That's a tricky question because contrary to popular belief all beaches do not produce seaglass. This is especially true on some public beaches where a machine cleans and sweeps the sand of all debris left by that day's thousands of sunworshippers and where unfortunately a lot of seaglass will find their untimely demise. You will also find in your beachcombing travels that although one beach has tons of seaglass the very next beach over might not have any! Finding seaglass depends on a number of factors such as Ocean currents and tidal action, beach location and most importantly, just plain luck. I find most of my seaglass on beaches that are either private or not well known to the general public.

If you live by a beach where a glass company once stood or is a well known surfer location then nine out of ten you will find Seaglass. The best time to look for seaglass is at Low tide and at the water's edge and don't forget to check those seashell and pebble piles on the shore for seaglass because these gems just love to hide here! Oh, and by the way the picture above was taken this past July of a beach cave in Bermuda that's just loaded with these amazing ocean gems!

Have fun and good hunting!!




GenuineTropical Seaglass!

What exactly is sea glass?...  Just as the caterpillar changes into the beautiful butterfly, Seaglass begins it's transition as ordinary manmade glass items such as windows, bottles and jars that are discarded into our Oceans and Seas and eventually finding themselves back upon our beaches and shores transformed into glistening smooth and frosty jewels of the deep. Their creation stems from years of being slowly worn and polished by the ocean's waves  and currents as they drag these baubles through sand, seashells and stones much like the action of a very big "rock tumbler." Some seaglass colors demand very high prices to jewelers and collectors alike such as "Extremely Rare" Orange & Red not to mention the lovely Cobalt and Cornflower Blues, Purples, Pinks, Yellows and the Aquas! It's like taking a piece of the Ocean and beach home with you!    

 Many years ago people buried and burned their bottles and trash directly on the beach as well as a vast majority of the garbage being shipped off and dumped at sea. I guess they believed in the old adage "Out of sight out of mind"!  Todays recycling laws have drastically taken their toll on the amount of seaglass you will find on a particular beach along with most companies substituting their glass products for those that are made from plastic.

Not all of our beaches produce seaglass but you may be one of the lucky ones who stumbles upon just the right spot so keep looking among those rock's and seashells and don't forget that the best time to find these colorful ocean gems is right around lowtide and just after a storm! Seaglass is the term often used for any glass you find by an Ocean,Sea, Bay or anywhere there is salt water while Beach Glass can be found in fresh water such as rivers,lakes and creeks. The more currents or wave action, the more likely that you are to find frosty top quality sea glass. Good Hunting! 

Called many things, seaglass, beachglass, mermaids tears, lucky glass, ocean glass and sea gems, they are all beautiful and make incredible jewelry and just plain fun to collect.

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